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LUA had the opportunity to attend an educational lecture on the history of solar architecture and technology last week. Hosted by the Santa Barbara chapter of AIA, the speaker was John Perlin, an expert on solar technology and author of several books on the subject.

Solar | Santa Barbara Green Contractor

Civilizations have been building structures and cities with solar technology in mind for 6,000 years, starting with the Chinese and continuing with the Greeks, Romans, and many other civilizations throughout history.

Solar architecture and technology includes the siting and positioning of buildings on their properties, solar water heating, passive solar heating, strategic locations of shade structures and foliage for cooling, and now includes photovoltaic panel systems (solar panels) that convert the sun’s energy into electricity for the use of the building and it’s inhabitants.

LUA and the Design Teams that we work with integrate solar solutions on many of our projects. From the location of the house on it’s site, to the size and positioning of windows, to the use of plant materials and architectural design for shade, we are constantly working with Owner and Design Teams to use the sun to improve the function of the homes we build. Additionally, many of our clients choose solar panels to supplement or offset their electrical consumption.

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