Our Approach to Building Green | Santa Barbara Homes

LUA focuses on building and remodeling Santa Barbara Homes in an environmentally friendly manner.

See below for some general description. You can also visit our WEBSITE for information on our green building practices.

Building Green | Major Components
    – Energy & Water Conservation
    – Site Planning
    – Material & Resource Use Reduction
    – Indoor Air Quality Improvements

Building Green | Current Trends…
For 35 years, it has been our promise to build a home & relationship that will “last a lifetime.” In order to do so, we must be very careful when implementing new building products/practices especially those considered as building trends. We will critically examine the products/systems in order to determine… 

Our Approach | Careful Observation
    – The home owner’s expectations
    – Energy and Water Conservation
    – Health impacts
    – Cost impacts
    – Durability and reliability
    – Is the application proper for that material?
    – How will this product/system impact other building systems?

Unwanted Approach | Negative Green Building Trends
    – Misleading efficiency promises
    – Misleading cost impacts
    – Claims related to water intrusion, for ex. improper install of vegetative roofs
    – Owner’s failure to achieve promised approvals, tax credits, utility rebates, etc.
    – Potential defects with green materials and construction techniques
    – Negative health impacts long term 

Established in 1977, Leonard Unander Associates, Inc. is an award winning Santa Barbara general contractor. The custom homes built and remodeled by LUA in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Hope Ranch, and Santa Ynez are a lasting testament to the quality and craftsmanship that is the focus of each project. Our powerful team continues to provide discerning clients with the exceptional construction process and finish product that has made LUA one of Santa Barbara’s premier residential construction companies.
For more information about LUA, a Contractor focusing on Santa Barbara Homes, please visit our website: www.unanderconstruction.com