LUA Project Update | Storm Water Detention System

We’re currently constructing a significant storm water detention system on one of our large residential estate projects in Santa Barbara. When we’re building out these significant properties with new development, the governmental building regulators require that storm water detention systems are installed. These systems collect all of the rain water that runs off the roofs and other hardscape (concrete, stone, etc.) surfaces- retains it in some fashion- and ultimately releases it slowly back into the earth. These systems are intended to mimic the site runoff conditions as if there was no development on the property.

Santa Barbara Contractor | Storm Water Detention System

 In this case, there is a inlet filter box that filters the runoff water before it enters the infiltrator chamber system (pictured). The water is then contained in this detention area until the water level reaches about 18″- when it runs out of a second filter box at the exit point. The water then runs to a spreader trench that distributes the water evenly over a section of the property.

Santa Barbara Contractor | Storm Water Detention System

Our clients also have the option to retain the water on site and re-use it for landscaping. Or, the water can be put through a purification process that enables the water to be used for domestic purposes. This is a great green building solution.

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