Deconstruction | Santa Barbara Green Building

As a Santa Barbara Green Building contractor LUA recently completed a deconstruction project to prepare for a new residence in Montecito. The job involved a hand-demolition process by which most of the materials from the entire existing structure were salvaged and donated to charitable organizations. Everything from the roof tile, doors and windows, hardware, fixtures, cabinets, hardwood floors, marble countertops, to the rough framing lumber and pool equipment was removed piece-by-piece from the existing structure and shipped to non-profit partner organizations that use the materials to improve their communities.

The process, while more costly than a traditional demolition, typically results in a net cost saving for the Owner because of deductions to their taxable income that are a result of donating the materials to non-profit organizations.

In rough framing lumber alone, this project kept over 27 tons of material out of our landfills.
The results of this great Green Building solution:
1.       Significantly reduces the impact of removing homes on the environment and our landfills
2.       Puts un-wanted material back to use for the good of our communities
3.       Typically results in a net cost savings to the Owner

Major partners on this project included:
The Deconstruction & Reuse Network:
Habitat for Humanity Santa Barbara:
Property Pros Appraisers:
Mac Brown Excavating:

Deconstruction | Santa Barbara Green Building

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